Many years ago, I lost all my hair in one month due to a condition known as Alopecia Universalis. In my case I lost it all within one month. It wasn’t easy being a young woman with absolutely no hair, and to make matters worse, I subsequently lost all my eyebrows and eyelashes. There is no cure for this disease, and I was forced to search extensively for a suitable hairpiece. For years, I went from one company to another, getting wonderful promises and disappointing results. Not only were the pieces low quality, but also some of the organizations were fly-by-night operations. I continued to spend money on disappointing hair pieces with no one to regularly care for and style them, which is just as important as obtaining the piece itself.

Then I met Lari and my life changed. Lari’s professionalism and personality immediately put me at east. Not only was Lari knowledgeable about my condition and the type of hairpiece I needed, but she also allowed me to be a part of the design of my own hair – something I had never done. Her amazing design, matched with her talent for styling has proven to me she wanted me to look my best as much as I did!

Many years later I am still with Lari, and she continues to design, color and style my pieces. I get frequent compliments on my hair, and I often have people ask for my hairdresser. I can’t help but smile as I hand over Lari’s number and think, “if they only knew!”

Whatever color, style, length or type of hair addition you need, Lari can design something totally custom for you.

Thank you, Lari for always making me look my best!


Having Lari’s integrated hair system has literally changed my life . When Lari started working with me, my hair had been thinning gradually for years, and I kept it very short. We started with just a top piece, then I went for extensions, and finally I got my own custom integrated hair system . Because it was so much healthier, my own hair grew to the middle of my back! Now I can go to the beach, swim, drive a convertible, and treat the hair system as my own hair, because it is .

I decided to “come out ” on this Web site so that others in my situation might get in touch with Lari and have her change their lives for the better, as she did mine. My self-image and personality have been transformed, and the self worth I’ve gained is indescribable I’ve almost doubled my income because of the confidence and improved self-image I now have thanks to the artistry of Lari.

Thank you Lari!

I love you!


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Alopecia Hair Replacement Expert – Lari Vreeken