HAIRCUT AND STYLING – starting at $125.00
As a nationally renowned hair stylist to Hollywood’s top models and actresses. Lari can give you a haircut that best fits your hair type, facial features, and your personal style. Every cut includes a throughout consultation making sure you’ll like the results.

COLOR – starts at $85.00

Lari’s color services are highly sought after by a large celebrity clientele. Get an all over color, multi-dimensional color, highlights, or corrective work, Lari will mix the perfect color and placement to add tone and movement to your hair

HIGHLIGHTS – starts at $100.00

BLOWDRY – starts at $50.00

CORRECTIVE COLOR – upon consultation

STYLING -  With over 25 years of experience, Lari is on top of the market when it comes to hairstyling. Whether you are looking for an over all makeover, or a new trendy look, Lari can help with those hair styling solutions.

HIGH FASHION UP DOS - starting at $75.00
With Lari’s clients in film and theater, she’s experienced in creating unique up dos. Let her handle your high-fashion hair needs.

HAIR EXTENSIONS - upon consultation
Custom made and designed to fit for each client.

CUSTOM HAIRPIECES - by appointment



Among the health reasons for hair loss, temporary loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, and natural hereditary hair loss, Lari Vreeken specializes in hair replacement solutions. She has created her own customized designs using the highest quality hair additions.

1. Vacuum Fit Solution

Primarily for women with Alopecia Totalis and Universalis. Custom designed and hand crafted to duplicate a natural head of hair while offering complete security for every activity.

We are pleased to offer you two choices:

  1. The original “classic” for a true vacuum fit and the ultimate in security. It features our flexible neck flap for increased coverage and more styling options. or
  2. Our softer “Elan” for superior comfort with virtually the same security.

These two models have set the standard of excellence which all others have tried to achieve. Here’s why……

  • Unmatched realism from our unique surgical silicone skin which duplicates the look and feel of the human scalp. and, it has a specially treated liner for improved comfort.
  • We use the finest, hand selected, 100% European Hair picked to match the color and texture you desire.
  • Each addition is hand crafted… over 140,000 hairs are inserted one strand at a time creating the look that nature intended. Developed as a result of our years of experience, we are proud to offer this technique – exclusively.
  • A tapered front hairline for improved styling.
  • Improved contouring in the temples to provide a more custom fit.

2. Custom Elite

Lari Vreeken has created a new alternative for women with Alopecia Areata …or with any degree of hair loss. Now you can combine the best features of a net base with the outstanding realism of or vacuum addition.

The top area of the Elite is made with the same surgical silicone material found in our soft base vacuum model to provide the look and feel of human scalp. all the other areas are made from a contoured nylon netting to assure a secure fit.

3. Custom Select

For women with very thin hair, long term hair loss ( for complete or partial coverage) or for women who desire to change their hair for fashion.

the Custom Select is designed by you and Lari to insure perfect fit, comfort and security. Hair color, density, texture and length are tailored to achieve the look you desire.

These exquisite handcrafted additions recreate the natural effect of hair growth…. from the directional flow of the hair to the uniform fullness from roots to ends.

4. Custom Express

When time is as important as as quality. Whether you have short term hair loss, such as from chemo therapy, or the desire to fulfill your fashion needs… The Custom Express is the perfect choice.

Customized exclusively for you with luxurious human hair, the Custom Express is handcrafted to capture the subtle nuances of natural hair growth.

5. Copperlite Interlusion

The Copperlite is an integration design and, unlike a standard full ‘wig’, allows your hair to be brushed easily through its web-like base to blend in with its additional hair to achieve the desired look.

It is recommended for a variety of client need…from women with thin hair who would like to add fullness and length, to women with an eye on fashion who would like to change their style or color. It is also the preferred alternative to hair extensions for those individuals with fragile hair.

The Copperlite is customized to meet the needs of lifestyle. Because it is designed specifically for you, additional hair can be added to areas that may require special attention.


By appointment only. Full privacy upon request.

Contact Lari Vreeken today to schedule one of her salon services or find out about her Alopecia hair replacement solutions.

Alopecia Hair Replacement Expert – Lari Vreeken