Garth Fisher

I have known Lari Vreeken for several years and am very familiar with her work. She is known in the industry for being not only a competent expert, but also unusually skilled. She is highly sought after by a large celebrity Clientele who certainly have many other choices.

I personally know many women who would attest to her skill and artistry in hair care, who would not accept going anywhere else. I have referred many people to her as well as many of my patients with confidence, continually hearing feedback on how happy they are. She not only sees the average person for styling cutting, coloring, and hair additions, but also the more complicated cases. I have sent her very complicated post-surgical scar alopecia patients (those with an unusually large extend of hair loss from surgery) and she has provided them with truly outstanding results.

In my opinion, Lari is methodical, meticulous, and careful with her patients. She has empathy for them, is very professional, and exercises excellent judgment in her trade. We deal with similar “client types” who “expect perfection” in a world where this does not exist. We can only offer the best we have. This is a very honest, hard working woman who truly cares about her clients.


Garth Ficher, M.D. F.A.C.S

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